Benefits of feeding raw food

Dogs thrive on a diet based on what they would’ve eaten naturally before they were domesticated. This includes eating raw meat, bones and vegetables. Owners that feed a raw diet will notice the holistic benefits compared to dogs that eat a processed food such as tinned meat and kibble.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food.

*Cleaner Teeth and fresh breath

*Better weight Control

*Improved Digestion

*Shinier, healthier skin and coat

*Reduction of Allergies

*Harder, smaller less smelly stools

*Increased mobility in older animals

*more energy and stamina

What is Raw Dog Food?

*Muscle meat

*Bones either whole or ground

*Organ meats such as livers and kidneys

*Raw eggs

*Vegetables like broccoli spinach and celery

*apples and other fruits

*Some dairy such as yogurt

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