The benefits of feeding raw dog and cat food

Dogs and cats thrive on a diet based on what they would’ve eaten naturally before they were domesticated. This includes eating raw meat, bones and for dogs vegetables too. Owners that feed a raw diet will notice the holistic benefits compared to dogs and cats that eat a processed food such as tinned meat and kibble.

Benefits of RawFood.

*Cleaner Teeth and fresh breath

*Better weight Control

*Improved Digestion

*Shinier, healthier skin and coat

*Reduction of Allergies

*Harder, smaller less smelly stools

*Increased mobility in older animals

*more energy and stamina

What is Raw Food?

*Muscle meat

*Bones either whole or ground

*Organ meats such as livers and kidneys

*Raw eggs

*Vegetables like broccoli spinach and celery ( cats prefer not to eat fruit or vegetables)

*apples and other fruits

*Some dairy such as yogurt


Why do people feed a raw diet?

Supporters of raw diets for dogs and cats point out that dogs are biologically similar to carnivorous wolves, and claim that the benefits of this type of diet include healthier skin, coat and teeth, more energy and smaller stools.   Cats are carnivorous and prefer an only meat diet.

Can I feed my dog/ cat a raw diet?

Yes, you can certainly give it a try. Most dogs and cats transition well to a raw diet and the benefits are seen almost instantly. Certainly within 6 weeks. Dogs are fractual carnivores and do well on a mixture of meat, veg, fruit and offal. Cats are full carnivores that can survive on just meat.

What raw food is best to try first?

We recommend choosing a complete diet to begin with. One that contains a mix of meat, vegetables and a small amount of offal. A tasting platter is a good idea to see exactly what flavours your dog or cat enjoys most. Add us on facebook to see what were feeding our own dogs each week.

Can raw feeding make my dog ill?

Working dogs such as racing greyhounds and sled dogs have been fed raw diets for many years and although there are risks these risks are minimal. The risks posed are

a) Nutrtitional Inbalance caused by giving incorrect amounts of muscle, meat, bone and veg.

To prevent this when starting out we recommend feeding completes.

b) Danger to human and canine health from bacteria. 

We have to take precautions when storing and cooking our own uncooked meat and it’s the same for our dogs. We recommend washing your hands after touching raw meat.  Dogs have a completely different digestive system to humans and their stomach acid can break down both raw meat and bones.

c) Potential for whole bones to break teeth or get stuck in the digestive system.

Raw bones are not sharp and brittle like cooked bones and are perfectly safe to feed however, some dogs will need you to teach them to chew slowly at first until they’ve got the hang of it.  The benefits of chewing bones can be seen in raw fed dogs perfect teeth!

How much should I feed my dog/ cat?

We recommend feeding 2-3% of your dog or cats body weight per day. This can be split between 2 meals.  The amounts to be fed depend on how much exercise or sleeping each individual dog prefers. Puppies and kittens will need almost double these amounts whilst they are growing and fed more reguarly.

Is feeding a raw diet expensive?

Well this depends on your budget and how big or small your pet is.There are also premium and economy brands. Some contain more veg and this can bring the price down whereas offal is expensive and can incur additional costs. A medium sized dog (15kg )costs approximately £1 per day to feed and we at Dogtails quite often DIY which makes it even cheaper. Certain proteins are cheaper than others. For example chicken is cheapest, followed by beef and the most expensive being lamb.

When you take into account the savings made though, better all round health and less money spent on medication, dentals, trips to the vet as well as less mess and less smell we feel it’s worth paying a little more for a better quality of food for your dog.

Which brand of raw dog food is best?

This is personal choice and each brand will make their foods slightly differently and add different types meat, bone, vegetable and supplements. There are premium brands and economy brands to suit all pockets and different types of chunks and minces to suit all tastes. We are happy to discuss your dogs diet in more detail. Just give us a call or send us a message.

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